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Now Offering In-Person Talks on Drive, Focus, Motivation, and Habits


Writing about the topics I write about here–habits, fulfillment, focus, goals, motivation, and all the rest–is exciting to me because I can mine useful ideas and techniques out of a wide variety of sources and try to offer them to you here in as clear and meaningful a way as I can manage. I get a similar charge out of writing articles and books (and a different but also compelling charge out of writing fiction). At times I’ve tried to offer those ideas and that kind of communication in other ways, for example by doing a limited amount of coaching, but after a great deal of study and preparation, I’m now bringing the things that I’ve learned and that I teach into a new arena: public speaking.

I’ve done public speaking before, most recently at the New Hampshire chapter of the Romance Writers of America, where I had a wonderful time and got the chance to connect with some good people. However, until recently I had never made a formal study of public speaking or set my sights on making it a regular part of my schedule. I’m now taking the lessons I’ve learned here on the road–though not very far on the road, as for now I’m sticking almost exclusively to New England, southern Quebec, and parts of upstate New York.

I’ve added a new speaking sub-site here on, always available through “speaking” tab above or at . There’s an explanation of my offerings, some biographical information I’ve never shared on this site before, a speaker sheet you can print off if you’re interested, a contact page, and a video page for speaking clips. If you’re curious about what I offer or just about what in the world I’m doing, I hope you’ll explore and perhaps comment or get in touch. I’m always interested in talking about these presentations with anyone who has questions or ideas.

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