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Starting now, posts every weekday

About the site

After considering it for some time, I’ve decided to take the plunge and change to an every weekday schedule for The Willpower Engine. My hope is that brief posts on an even wider variety of topics touching on goals, habits, self-motivation, mood, psychology, neuroscience, and personal development every day will be useful and interesting to readers out there who may want to follow the site daily.

This is an experiment; it’s certainly possible that after a few weeks I’ll find the format doesn’t suit as well as I’d hoped and change the schedule to fewer posts (or who knows? maybe even 7 days a week). I’d love to hear your opinion on the matter in comments or using the contact form

Having more posts also opens up the possibility that I’ll choose one day to write a weekly post on a specific theme, with writing and weight loss being the lead contenders right now. Of course I’d be very much interested in your opinion on that subject, too, or in fact in any comments about the site and its contents.

That’s all for now … but see you here tomorrow!

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