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15-Minute Online Guided Meditation from Kelly McGonigal


Psychologist and yoga teacher Kelly McGonigal, PhD has posted a very useful resource for anyone interested in trying out or beginning to practice meditation. On her blog, Science and Sutras, you can find a 15-minute, guided, sitting meditation that you can do at your computer while listening to the MP3 file she has posted here:

Basic guided meditation practices like this one are an easy and effective way to start meditating, a practice that pretty much anyone can learn and pretty much anyone can benefit from. Some of the payoffs to regular meditation (or even, heck, sporadic meditation) include relaxation, stress relief, increased focus, serenity, and perspective. I go on at more length about the benefits of meditation in my article “Strengthen Willpower Through Meditation,” which also offers some other resources you can use to get started or to learn more about the subject.

In addition to her Science and Sutras blog, Dr. McGonigal offers good material on her Twitter Feed and in her The Science of Willpower blog on the Psychology Today Web site. (And if you’re adding Twitter feeds, you may be interested in my own, quieter one at .)

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  1. Guidede meditation  •  Aug 4, 2010 @9:24 am

    By reading this post i think that guided meditation practices like this one are an easy and effective way to start meditating. I have started following this these days.

  2. will Rodgers  •  Jan 25, 2016 @10:23 pm

    I just listened to a speech you gave somewhere, and I was totally impressed about it. as I am taking a 10 week course at Albany Va hospital on the N.A.M.I. and it is goingto be real good.

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