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Creativity and fitness motivation resources


Here are couple of sites of interest, both brought to my attention through comments here on the Willpower Engine.

Matt O'BrienFitness instructor Matt O’Brien runs, a site with both motivational and informational resources for people working to get more fit. O’Brien also posts on Twitter.



Writer Amy Fries posts information about harnessing daydreams for visualization and creativity on her blog Daydreams at Work. She has a book of the same name out (I haven’t read it as of this writing, though it looks interesting and I may eventually get an opportunity to do so. Currently the Dalai Lama and Mihaly Csikszentmihaly are the masters of my reading list, along with some writing-related projects). She also tweets (sheesh, this is making me feel so 2008 by comparison!) at .

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