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Changing to Three Posts a Week

About the site

Since March of this year, I’ve been posting every weekday–a total of about a hundred posts without fail for every Monday through Friday from then until now. I’ve been greatly enjoying the chance to delve so deeply into the subject, but my original vision was of having shorter posts, and it turns out that the subjects I’ve been treating have generally deserved a little bit more attention than I could give in just 300-400 words: I’ve actually been writing pieces that on average are about twice as long! Unfortunately, I don’t have the available time to keep up this pace, at least not for now, without giving up on the ongoing work on the book or other important tasks.

So starting this week, I’m shifting back to a more modest, three-post-a-week schedule: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am hoping that my schedule will allow me to go back to the every-weekday schedule in future, especially if I eventually have other regular contributors for the site who, like me, write about fact-based insights into the psychology of habits and motivation.

As always, your comments, ideas, suggestions, questions, and even complaints are welcome, whether in the comment area below or through the contact form on the right-hand side of this page.

See you tomorrow with a new post!

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