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Digging Out, Cleaning Up, Uncluttering, and Getting Organized: Let’s Start With a Link


I noticed that the business rating resource site Angie’s List was having a “King or Queen of Clutter” contest, and I was toying with the idea of nominating a friend (who, I realized after thinking about it honestly, really doesn’t deserve the title). On the Angie’s List post about the contest, I came across a link to the Unclutterer site. I haven’t gone into detail about self-motivation tools for cleaning up and getting rid of clutter yet, but I have posts planned for those subjects, and for anyone interested in digging out, Unclutterer looks to be a terrific complementary resource, with specific ideas and tactics for getting rid of clutter.

An idea to get you started: decluttering and cleaning aren’t about finding a massive amount of time to do a massive cleaning. After all, everything just gets messy and dirty again if that’s all you do. Instead, consider the old saying that’s the motto of the Unclutterer site: “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” To keep an area clean or uncluttered, the key is for everything to have a place to go and for us to get in the habit of putting things in their places; for cleaning, this means cleaning up on a small scale as we go rather than letting things pile up and trying to make a single Herculean cleaning. These habits distribute cleaning and decluttering in tiny moments throughout the day rather than requiring huge efforts that are rapidly eclipsed by life marching on.

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