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New Getting Started Page

About the site

As the number of articles here on The Willpower Engine grows, I’ve added a new Getting Started page to offer a quick introduction to the site and to self-motivation. It lists some good starter articles that provide basics of things like idea repair and feedback loops, and should be helpful to new visitors. I hope you’ll comment or contact me if you have thoughts or suggestions.



  1. Veronica  •  Sep 5, 2009 @4:06 pm

    Luc – excellent idea with the getting started page. It will make an already valuable site that much more valuable!!

    Hope you are having an excellent weekend!

  2. Luc  •  Sep 6, 2009 @9:40 am

    Thanks, Veronica. I’m trying to think of whatever organizational ideas I can to make the site more useful. They’re coming slowly, but at least they’re coming!

    And I really am enjoying the weekend! The weather up here in Vermont is gorgeous, even if it’s a little on the cool side, and I finally got to go biking by the lake yesterday. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend too.

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