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This site brings together resources from several previous sites: The Willpower Engine, where I first started posting about willpower, the psychology of habits, productivity, and happiness; the old, a personal writing site; and my old LiveJournal writing site, ReidWrite.

Many of my posts here share information about research, techniques, and insight into self-motivation, in order to help me and my readers make major positive impacts in our lives. The self-motivation posts here are not temporary inspiration or motivational speaker material so much as specific, usable knowledge, generally based on research, expertise of people who have contributed substantially to our understanding of motivating ourselves, and direct or described experience. The goal is to help us understand ourselves better through fact-based sources.

Motivating others is a bit of a different topic than motivating ourselves, and so this site doesn’t really delve into motivating others whole lot.

My relationship with self-motivation is learning and writing, so while I’ve done coaching on the subject, I’m much more of a communicator or fellow learner than a guru or counselor. Certainly I haven’t perfected self-motivation in my own life, although I’ve been making great use of a lot of my findings so far.

The writing posts here run the gamut from traditional publishing versus self- or “indie” publishing to plot techniques, workshops, writing motivation (especially), and news of the writing and publishing worlds.

I’m–among other things–a writer living in Vermont with my girlfriend/partner/inamorata and our three children. I’ve been reading, researching, and writing about cognitive psychology, positive psychology, strengths psychology, nonviolent communication, cooperative living, consensus decision-making, and other topics having to do with personal and community growth for more than ten years now. I’m a Writers of the Future winner; a former radio commentator for Jacksonville, Florida NPR affiliate WJCT; the founder of Codex, an energetic, online, neopro writers’ group; a founding member of the Daily Cabal, where you can find over a thousand original, free stories of 400 words or less; the author of Talk the Talk: The Slang of 65 American Subcultures, which was featured on BoingBoing and the NPR program Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me ; and the author of the flash fiction collection Bam! 172 Hellaciously Quick Stories. My short stories have sold to venues like Daily Science Fiction, Escape Pod, Writers of the Future, Abyss & Apex, Nature, and others. My Amazon author page is , and I tweet @lucreid.

There’s more information about me in my biography on the speaking section of the site.

Listings of my published works:

Interviews of Luc

You can read interviews of me online on these sites:

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Work by Luc Reid on this site can be reused for free under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. There are more details at . Please note that photos are generally not by Luc and therefore may be subject to different rights.

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  1. Jim Randel  •  Jun 16, 2009 @1:36 pm

    Mr. Reid,

    I came across your blog and greatly enjoyed the content. As such, I am trying to share and promote my book, The Skinny on Willpower, How to Develop Self Discipline (RAND, 2009) with like-minded individuals within the blogosphere. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to mail (at our cost) a free book to you in the hopes that if you like it you might feature a post about it on your blog. Either way the book would be my gift to you. Keep up the great writing and I hope to hear back from you soon.

    Very yours truly,

    Jim Randel

  2. Dr. Glenn Livingston  •  Jul 23, 2009 @7:39 am

    Luc … I’m a psychologist who began reading your blog as part of a research project on emotional eating, but just wanted to say I can’t stop reading it because of the well organized, enthusiastically presented information on willpower. Honestly, I haven’t seen anything like it and just thought you deserved a few pats on the back.

    Hopefully you’ll be open to guest posting on our emotional eating site once the project is up and running, but regardless, please know I’ll be following along.

    All my best,

    Glenn 🙂

  3. martin  •  Sep 26, 2010 @6:02 am

    Just wanted to say I am loving the site and the information is very useful in my work. well done!;o)

  4. Marla Gallagher  •  Jun 5, 2012 @11:03 am

    Am reading ‘The Willpower Instinct’ by Kelly McGonigal, PhD, who teaches ‘The Science of Willpower’ course at Stanford. You guys agree in general concept and application. Confirming to see different perspectives converging and intersecting. Helps me make psychology ‘theories’ come alive for my college students. Thank you.


  5. Luc  •  Jun 5, 2012 @11:17 am

    Thanks for the comment, Marla. That book is on my reading list; I’ve read a lot of good thought and information from Kelly McGonigal on the Web, so I’m looking forward to a good read.

  6. kristen  •  Mar 11, 2013 @8:00 pm

    You have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger award! Check out your mention (and the award “rules”) at

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