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Title Form Publisher and date Type of publication
Bam! 172 Hellaciously Quick Stories Book/eBook December 19, 2010 Collection
Available for the Kindle on Amazon ($5.95) and in trade paperback ($11.95). Free samples of the book available at both sites.Find out about Bam! on the Bam! page on this site, which includes a full list of story titles.
Bam! 172 Hellaciously Quick Stories throws normal people into strange circumstances in stories that can each be read in a few minutes. Cinderella tries to get a grip after her divorce; inventions go horribly wrong; robots rebel; a thinking teddy bear is trapped for decades in a toy box; in a hotel corridor unmoored from time and space, love blossoms; dinosaurs invent the steam engine; girlfriends blink in and out of existence; and Very Bad Things happen that might be worth it in the end. Writers of the Future winner Luc Reid’s stories bridge science fiction, fantasy, humor, and the unclassifiable.

The Writing Engine: A Practical Guide to Writing
eBook November 8, 2009 Non-fiction Book
Available for the Kindle on Amazon and as a free PDF download on this site.
The Writing Engine draws on current psychological and neurological research, as well as accounts from successful, published writers about their methods and techniques for getting a lot of writing done. The book lays out, clearly and conversationally, exactly how motivation works for writers and in other situations, and exactly what a writer can do to increase productivity, clear away obstacles, and enjoy the work more.

Future Brains: Neuroscience Fiction vs. Neuroscience
Article Clarkesworld, March 2010 Electronic Magazine
Available at
What science fiction ideas about the brain are possible, and which
are unlikely to ever come true? On downloading memories, instant learning, mind
control, and more.

Better Flash fiction Brain Harvest Electronic Magazine
Available at

A Ship That Bends Short story Galaxy Press, September 2003 Anthology
Available at
A Phoenecian girl grows up trying to discover how to build a ship that will sail over the edge of the earth, which is visible from her home, to the bottom.

Bottomless Novelette Galaxy Press, September 2004 Anthology
A young man who lives in a village deep inside a bottomless pit is run out of town and must try to find a way to clear his name.

Catch Flash fiction Abyss & Apex, July/August 2004 Electronic magazine
Available at
This story happens so quickly, if I tried to summarize it I’d ending up giving you the entire piece.

Chance Meeting With a Baby on a Train Short-short story Lenox Avenue September 2004 Electronic magazine
Available at
A strange old woman strikes up a conversation on a train with a baby.

Just Like Meteors Short-short story Abyss & Apex, May 2003 Electronic magazine
Available at
Two elderly women friends argue about protesters who set themselves on fire and plunge from the sky into public places.

Talk the Talk: Authentic Slang from 65 American Subcultures Book Writer’s Digest Books Fall 2006 Non-fiction Book
A compendium of slang and odd phrases used by subcultures from motorcyclers to stamp collectors, surfers to witches, sex workers to Americans in Antarctica. Web site at

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