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Family Skulls

No one will help 16-year-old Seth Quitman–ever, with anything. Seth’s family lives in a small Vermont town under a curse that has hounded them for generations, one that makes anything they may need–from a bus ride to a recommendation letter to an ambulance–forever out of their reach.

Until now, Seth’s family has done the best they could under the curse, knowing that the hill sorcerer family that cursed them could do much, much worse. But now things have gone farther than Seth can stand, and he plans to face down the curse-keeper and free his family–or die trying.

Read the first chapter for free

Luc Reid’s young adult novelĀ Family Skulls, set in his native Vermont, is currently available for the Amazon Kindle for $2.99, and is also available through the Kindle Lending Library.

You can read a review of the book on Amazon orĀ here, or an a brief article about it in the Writers of the Future Herald here.

Cover image by Dixon Leavitt.

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