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Luc Reid delivers engaging, practical, evidence-based talks for keynotes, workshops, seminars, meetings, conventions, and other events in New England, upstate New York, and parts of Quebec. Luc’s topics, informed by years of research, writing, interviews, coaching, and practical experience, include techniques for creating personal drive and focus, organization, writing motivation, fitness and health motivation, goals, habits, and living a more fulfilling life.

Despite researching self-motivation, Luc is not a “motivational speaker”: instead of getting audiences temporarily excited, he invests participants with knowledge of specific mental tactics, the understanding of how and why they work, and the means to transform them from abstract knowledge to meaningful action.

Luc works with non-profit groups, writers, health and fitness organizations, socially and environmentally focused businesses, cooperatives, and other groups who are dedicated to improving life for their employees, members, clients, customers, and communities.

“The feedback both after the meeting and on our Yahoo loop has been nothing but great. Our writers got so much out of your workshop – the topic really resonated with them and your handouts were being fought over after you left.”
— Jennifer Carroll, President, New Hampshire Romance Writers of America

“Today’s workshop on motivation and writing, presented by author Luc Reid, was fantastic.”
— Susan Ann Wall

Luc’s can develop a talk specifically for your organization or event or speak on these topics:

  • Feedback Loops: How to Find and Break Patterns That Hold You Back
  • Tactics for Immediate Focus and Drive
  • What Brain Research Tells Us About Better Writing Motivation
  • The Great Fitness Motivation Mistake and How to Fix It

Luc Reid · · · 802-355-0635
Twitter: @lucreid · LinkedIn:

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