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Simon’s Rock, a rigorous liberal arts college in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Over the next four years, while working on his writing and earning his degree, he taught himself to play a number of musical instruments and became conversant in Spanish, German, and French. He transferred to New College of Florida and got his degree in Humanities, which allowed him to pursue writing, social sciences, and the arts.

After graduating, Luc moved back to Vermont, where he worked as a part-time reporter for two weekly newspapers and waited tables to pay the rent. Within a few more years he had started a custom software business, which began doing projects for a variety of Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, small businesses, and educational institutions. In 2003, he wrote a short story that won a major international fiction contest. This was followed by his first non-fiction book (Talk the Talk: The Slang of 65 American Subcultures, Writer’s Digest Books, 2006), and a stint as a commentator for Jacksonville, Florida NPR affiliate WJCT. He founded the Codex online writers’ group, whose members began winning top science fiction and fantasy awards within a few years of its launch. In 2006 he began an intensive study of habits, willpower, and the psychology of motivation. He lost 50 pounds, became a dedicated exerciser, and earned a black belt in Taekwondo.

Luc is an author of fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, and plays. His articles have appeared online, in newspapers, and in national magazines like Communities and The Writer, and his fiction appears in anthologies, Daily Science Fiction, Escape Pod, Nature, and elsewhere. His blog, at, offers a growing list of more than 500 articles on habits, willpower, writing, productivity, motivation, and happiness, based heavily on current psychological and neurological research. It has been viewed nearly a quarter of a million times since its launch. While writing for it, he also contributed a series of online magazine columns on writing motivation and completed his short book on the subject, The Writing Engine: A Practical Guide to Writing Motivation.

After a 2011 performance of Luc's short play "The Discovery of Fire, and Other Bad Ideas"

As a speaker, Luc is energetic, candid, and practical. His topics are rooted in scientific research and the biographies of great successes, from Mozart to Harper Lee to chess grandmasters Judit and Zsuzsa Polgar. He speaks for groups with a mission to improve the lives of the people they impact. He champions a fundamental change in thinking, from a focus on desires to a focus on core needs, and from a mindset of competition to one of compassion.

Talking about writing motivation in 2012

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