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Luc’s Published Short Stories

Here’s a partial listing of my published short stories, including flash fiction and nanofiction, some of which are available free around the Internet. Much of my best flash fiction is included in my collection Bam! 172 Hellaciously Quick Stories.

  • A Is for Authority” and “B Is for Bureaucracy” were podcast on Toasted Cake in April 2012: you can hear them here
  • RE: The Dark One, In Case It Should Arise from Its Horrible Abyss” appeared in Abyss & Apex in March 2012
  • Keeping an Eye Out for the Time Police Regardless” appeared in Everyday Science Fiction in November 2011
  • Or” and “A Method for Choosing” (both nanofiction) appeared in Thaumatrope in October and November 2009: both can be found here
  • Better” appeared in Brain Harvest in July 2009
  • Bottomless” appears in Writers of the Future volume XX
  • Chance Meeting with a Baby on a Train” appeared in Lenox Avenue in September 2004
  • Catch” appeared in Abyss & Apex in July 2004
  • A Ship That Bends” appears in Writers of the Future volume XIX
  • Just Like Meteors” appeared in Abyss & Apex in May 2003
  • I contributed hundreds of stories to the flash fiction site The Daily Cabal over the course of a few years. You can read them all here.

Coming up: new stories of mine are scheduled to appear over the next few months in Daily Science Fiction, EscapePod, and Nature

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