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Where Procrastination Comes From


Here’s an interesting and useful link about procrastination passed on to me by a reader (thanks very much for it!): an article from The New Yorker entitled Later: What Does Procrastination Tell Us About Ourselves?

The article pulls together philosophical and psychological information about procrastination to ask about things like why we put things off when we know putting them off will make us unhappy, the relative merits of “extended will” (trying to force yourself to do the right thing, like voluntarily shutting down your Internet access or offering to pay a friend a penalty if you don’t come through on something you plan to do), and what is and isn’t procrastination.

It also has fun little factoids like this:

Victor Hugo would write naked and tell his valet to hide his clothes so that he’d be unable to go outside when he was supposed to be writing.
It’s just as well I didn’t decide to illustrate this post with a picture of Hugo writing, then.
Ironically, I was so busy when I received the message about this article that I put the link aside and didn’t get around to posting it until more than two months later. Well, I imagine that just illustrates the point.
Photo by welivefast
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