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Your Favorite Habit and Willpower Posts

Luc's writing projects

In and among my other current writing projects, I’m beginning to put together a book based on about 100 of the posts here on that have the most useful information on habits and motivation. I’m quickly filling up the list with posts I like, but before I take up all the slots, I’d love to hear nominations from you, whether in comments or through the contact form over on the right here at the Web site. Any suggestions?

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100 Posts on Self-motivation and Willpower

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While editing a new article for later in the week today, I noticed my total of published posts had reached 100 with today’s entry, How to Detect Broken Ideas. When I began this blog six months ago, it seemed to me that self-motivation was such a broad and useful topic that I’d never run out of things to write about. 100 posts later, I’m more confident of that than ever, especially when I look over my long queue of articles I want to tackle and the new information that psychologists, neurologists, reporters, and motivated people are bringing out all the time.

As long as I’m looking at round numbers, I decided to review the blog calendar and realized that this week marks the 6 month anniversary of the site, and 3 uninterrupted months since I decided to post one article every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (at minimum). A good time for celebration! I hope it will not dampen your spirits to hear that my celebratory food was wheat puffs. You’ve got to love wheat puffs.

Enough tooting my own horn, although I have to say this milestone boosts my motivation even higher than it already was. What about you? Have you hit a blog milestone? Mention it in comments!

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Post Willpower Engine Articles on Your Site for Free

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As of August 4th, 2009, all Willpower Engine articles are freely available to copy, forward, reproduce, include in newsletters, repost on your blog, and so on, under an “Attribution, No Derivative Works” Creative Commons license.

That means that you can use my original work on this site for free wherever as you want, as long as you don’t alter the content, and as long as you attribute the work using my name (Luc Reid) and the URL of this site ( Most commercial use is fine under this kind of license. You can see an explanation of the license at , and you can send me a message if you have any questions.

By the way, please note that this applies mainly to the written content by me on this site. Guest posts from others, photos, etc., may be subject to different rules. If you have a question about a photo, click on the photographer link that appears at the bottom of the post where the photo appears.

If you do repost articles here, use them in your newsletter, etc., I’d love to hear about it, but that’s not a requirement.

Hope you find good uses for these posts!



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