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Interviews, Creative Mojo, and Procrastination


I just got off the phone, doing a live interview with Mark Lipinski on his radio show Creative Mojo¬†about my 2006 book Talk the Talk: The Slang of 65 American Subcultures. Lots of fun! Yes, my palms were sweaty and I probably sounded more than a little hyper: I’ll see once they post the podcast, which will be available through that Creative Mojo link above down the road (I’ll post when it comes up).¬† But I enjoyed the show, and was able to calm down a little and focus beforehand by the trick of imagining myself as one of the very experienced interviewees one sees on talk shows–famous actors and directors and so forth. This is similar to the trick of imagining what it’s like to be a college professor before taking a standardized test, which in one experiment helped people remember more facts more confidently.

Mark Lipinski

When I look at the show Mark runs, I have to be impressed. Mark edits several craft magazines and yet does this radio show once a week where he has a number of guests whose work he seems to know well. He clearly had delved into my book with a will and asked some great questions. How do you do that with six people a week? Interestingly, Mark characterizes himself as a procrastinator. Maybe he’s just the kind of person who initiates so many projects, sometimes it’s hard to choose which one to proceed with? If so, he and I would have that in common. I’ve been enjoying the process of narrowing down my focus to one major project at a time, though. More on that in past and future posts.

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