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About the site

A few years ago, when I stopped using the name “The Willpower Engine” for this site, I let my domain expire. That turned out to be a mistake: it develops that there were still a number of people using links to that domain, and some ill-intentioned person scooped up the domain as soon as it was available and set it up with a site that looked like it could be the right one, but full of terrible advice cribbed from anywhere they could find it, fueling sketchy advertisements.

As soon as I realized this, I did what I could to get the domain back, but I was unsuccessful until today, when finally points back to where it should. I apologize to anyone who may have found themselves on the scam site in the mean time.

The lesson, for me, is that retiring a domain, in some cases, is something that should only be done with great care and after the Internet has had a good long time to get used to the new location.

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Combining Sites: Please Do Not Adjust Your Set

About the site

Looking for the old site? Wondering why this site isn’t called The Willpower Engine any more? Expected to find yourself? Not quite sure that you’re on the right page? No fear! The merging of my writing site,, and my psychology of habits site, The Willpower Engine, has begun, and you have gotten caught in the middle of it. All the content from both sites is (or should be) available here on the new site, and the search feature should make it easy to find it if the tabs at the top of the page don’t do the trick.

If oxygen masks should drop down from your title bar, please double click on your own oxygen mask before double clicking on those of others. Remember that in case of an emergency, your task bar can be used as a flotation device. Thank you for flying Or the Willpower Engine. Or whatever it is you clicked on.

Honestly, it will all be sorted out soon.

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