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The Town at World’s End: A Novelized Blueprint for Communities Fighting Climate Change

The Town at World’s End is a novel about climate change, community, and hope. I began it in 2013 and have been hard at work on it since. As of this writing, an advanced draft is complete, and revisions are under way. I expect to release the book, for free (eBook edition) and at cost, including carbon offset (paperback) in 2017., which currently points here, will then be set up as a new site, with extensive resources on fighting climate change and other features. Here’s a bit of information about the book:

Jessica Finch spends most of her time and energy keeping up with her young son, her demanding job, and her shaky marriage until a disaster, brought on by climate change, leaves her life in ruins. With nowhere else to go, she returns to the hometown she fled after high school, where her compulsive truth-telling is notorious and where a long-ago mistake still shadows her. She finds new purpose when she stumbles into leadership of a group that wants to fight back against climate change. The Town at World’s End follows Jess and her community on a detailed, realistic journey toward a climate change solution, in a story that looks at how we can bring ourselves back from personal tragedies just as we can bring our planet back from the brink of catastrophe.

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