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Luc’s talks, workshops, and seminars are tailored to fit the needs of your event, whether that’s for a dinner speech, keynote, breakout session, or workshop, from a concise presentation of the key points to an in-depth discussion with exercises and active participation.

Depending on your requirements, Luc can craft a talk or workshop specifically for your events or speak on one of his prepared topics, which include

Tactics for Immediate Focus and Drive
Using findings from current psychological and neurological research, Luc begins by taking participants on a tour of the mental processes that figure into personal motivation, including what drives us forward and the specific ways obstacles and distractions hold us back.

In part II, Luc  provides specific, practical tactics to remove distractions, overcome obstacles, create momentum and enthusiasm, and reach goals. While practice over time  makes the best use of the materials in part II, this section also provides immediate, observable benefits.

Feedback Loops: How to Find and Break Patterns That Hold You Back
A feedback loop is a process that alters itself. Luc describes how to use brief daily journal entries to create feedback loops for motivation, willpower, organization, and self-awareness. This approach creates tenacity and focus on long-term goals and creates a structure that makes it much easier to end bad habits and start good ones.

What Brain Research Tells Us About Better Writing Motivation
Luc provides participants a view of the factors, helpful and harmful, that carry writers forward or stop them cold, then presents a large set of specific, easy-to-implement tools for firing up the writing engine and keeping it going indefinitely, all based on current psychological and neurological research. This presentation builds on what he’s written in his short book The Writing Engine: A Practical Guide to Writing Motivation and his Writer magazine article “Instant Writing Motivation.”

The Great Fitness Motivation Mistake and How to Fix It
In 2005, Luc was overweight and sedentary. Since then he has lost more than 50 pounds, despite greatly increasing his muscle mass. He earned a second degree black belt, lowered his blood pressure and triglycerides, and become a habitual and joyful exerciser. From the outside everything he did was simple and obvious: he simply ate better and exercised more. What wasn’t so obvious was what he needed to do to change his thinking, and it’s these techniques from current brain research that he presents in clear, practical terms in this talk.


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